"Pozorko is a very practical aid to play at home with your kids. It contains a lot of ideas which I use as described or change and adjust according to the age of my children. My sons are 7 and 4 years and a half, and my daughter is two. Pozorko helps me distract their attention so that we often choose among the various activities in times of tense situations. The kids are totally into these games and never want to stop. Apart from the fun and the relaxed atmosphere they bring, I can see that the activities which Pozorko offers help the children build up their ability to concentrate, to listen, to memorize and to learn a lot of things which I, as a mother, would never have come up with on my own. I like the idea that the activities combine colours, music, motion, speech, singing, drawing, writing, etc. I enjoy playing this game with my kids as it helps them acquire new skills and at the same time connects the whole family."

Metka Vombergar, mother and teacher of Spanish and geography


"Pozorko is a clever didactic aid and can be used at school as well as at home. I like it because I can use it with individual pupils or with a bigger group. I recommend it for initial motivation, during lessons of additional professional support or during after-school activities."

Anita Zupanc, M.S. and professor of inclusive pedagogy


"I use Pozorko a lot because it includes numerous useful exercises for the development of different sorts of attention which can be adjusted to individual children while, at the same time, it provides you with additional ideas for activities. I mostly use it in individual situations (at the Child development unit), but I have also adjusted individual tasks to students in special educational programs (level 1). The most important fact is that the children enjoy doing these exercises without being aware of the fact that this is also learning. Congratulations on such a successful aid."

Anja Ganc Povhe, professor of special and rehabilitation pedagogy


"I use Pozorko as an addition during our Brainobrain lessons. Education itself strives for improvement of concentration, memory and speed, and the exercises in Pozorko are an excellent tool for exercising these skills. The children put their abacus away and divert their attention from calculating to different types of exercises but still keep a high level of concentration. I like the fact that the exercises are diverse so that I can choose among different fields (speech, language, perceptions, drawing). The children also like it very much, they like picking tasks from the box."

Alja Bukovec, Brainobrain coach


"At work I notice that more and more children find it hard to focus, which is crucial for successful work at school. Pozorko is a didactic aid which enables me to develop the pupils' skills which are crucial for their successful following of the requests which they meet at school while acquiring skills like reading, writing, comprehension and calculating. I use it for individual work with pupils and have noticed that they enjoy doing these activities. As I make notes of the pupils' achievements I also develop and encourage their own monitoring of their progress. I would recommend Pozorko to all those who notice children's attention issues at work. I don't see any limits as it can be perfectly adjusted to the children's age and needs."

Barbara Amon, professor of special and rehabilitation pedagogy, Primary school Gustav Šilih Maribor


"Pozorko is an excellent aid for spending quality time with your child. I can easily adjust the tasks for my almost 4-year-old daughter to her age. Apart from that, we can make up new exciting games based on the activities on the cards. It offers a lot of possibilities. What I am especially enthusiastic about is the time limit I can set to the playtime. It is suitable for everyday use. Pozorko is an excellent gift and a must-have for all parents."

Mateja Ahlin Račnik, MBS and mother of two


"We all love Pozorko: the whole family, our friends and relatives. It is something special, extraordinary, as it is different from other didactic aids and games, and the best of all is that the children do not only play but also learn at the same time. Pozorko helps to strengthen their creativity, patience and general knowledge. It is also a great gift idea for various occasions."

Tina Juvan, social worker and mother


"I first met Pozorko when my daughter was in one of the classes where they regularly did exercises for improving attention. The teacher introduced the project to us and informed us about the progress they made compared to the class of pupils who did not conduct exercises for improving attention regularly. With great interest I borrowed this aid at the library and started conducting attention exercises in my class as I work as a nursery school teacher. The children found the exercises interesting, something new. I adjusted the level of difficulty according to the children’s age. After only a few days I noticed a bigger interest in cooperation, the children were looking forward to the activities as they knew that the exercises would be different every time, connected to various fields of educational work. With the help of Pozorko the children are more motivated, their attention span is longer and we all have a lot of fun."

Klavdija Konečnik, graduate nursery school teacher


"Pozorko is an excellent didactic aid. Not only does it have a hundred examples of exercises for attention development but it also motivates the teacher to make up their own exercises. When my colleagues introduced it to me I was thrilled and also proud of the work of the whole team who developed and elaborated this collection of exercises. I specially recommend it to all teachers of additional professional support because it is hard to find a didactic aid like this one which is so comprehensive and useful."

Mirjana Kelavić, professor of special and rehabilitation pedagogy


"I use the game Pozorko when working with deaf and hard-of-hearing children who are completing surdopedagogic treatment as they have developed good hearing with their hearing aid. At work I use mostly cards for auditory attention by means of which they have to fulfill a certain task. This way I can make surdopedagogic treatment fun. The children like it a lot!"

Katja Globevnik, professor of special and rehabilitation pedagogy, surdopedagogist and speech therapist (CENTER FOR HEARING AND SPEECH, MARIBOR)